Broadcast Mobile Units

RF COM is the Brazilian market leader in News Gathering Mobile Units.

The RF COM Mobile Units include integrations from passenger cars to full-size semi-trailers with expanding sides, to provide the exact solution for any mobile broadcast infrastructure needs.

The RF COM Mobile Units are custom-designed according to the individual needs of each customer, to meet the exact requirements of your equipment, application, and procedures.

Applications for the RF COM Mobile Units include:

  • SNG – Satellite News Gathering
  • ENG – Electronic News Gathering
  • EFP – Electronic Field Production
  • SNG+ENG – Satellite + Electronic News Gathering

and RF COM can supply/integrate the following components/systems:

  • Automatic leveling system
  • Energy systems: Generator, Batteries, UPS, Power Protection & Distribution
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Lavatory
  • Benches, Racks, Storage spaces
  • Complete internal finish (carpet, flooring, etc)
  • Soundproofed audio room
  • HVAC
  • Telescopic mast
  • Antennas (sat, microwave, VHF), RF cables, waveguides
  • Satellite link antenna positioner and controller
  • Microwave link antenna remote controlled positioner

See more information in the Mobile Units section of the product catalog.