Who we are

  • 1994-1995: First RF COM office, VIP Center building

RF COM Sistemas Ltda. is a 100% Brazilian private company located in São José dos Campos.

Established in 1994, RF COM started its operations supplying training and equipment for rural telephony (fixed wireless terminals) installers. After a short period, RF COM started integrating cellular drive test vehicles (and technical support for drive test systems), and then mobile cell sites (Cellular On Wheels – COWs), quickly becoming the leader in this market. Next came the Broadcast and Defense vehicles, and special application shelters.

RF COM is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The major RF COM clients belong to the following market segments:

  • Broadcast – TV networks and content producers
  • Telecommunications – Cellular carriers
  • Defense
  • Oil and Mining

The products and solutions offered by RF COM (see in detail in our products catalog) can be divided in:

  • Products and customized solutions, developed, manufactured, and integrated by RF COM.
  • Products and solutions available through RF COM, from partnerships with local and international manufacturers, or as a reseller.

Among the integrated solutions developed by RF COM, the most important currently are:

  • Mobile Units integrated for Broadcast (Satellite News Gathering – SNG, Electronic News Gathering – ENG, Electronic Field Production – EFP, etc).
  • Mobile Units integrated for Defense (Command and Control, Electronic Warfare, etc)
  • Mobile Units integrated for Telecommunications (Mobile Cell Sites – COWs, Mobile Repeaters, etc)
  • Shelters integrated for Defense (Tactical Operations, Border Surveillance, etc)

Combining its experience with customized system designs, and its mechanical and electrical/electronics design and manufacturing capabilities, RF COM has also developed and supplied a wide variety of integrated systems, such as weather radar mobile unit, satellite transport shelters, aircraft tracking antenna system for telemetry, and rally vehicle integrations.

Among the products RF COM offers through distribution/reseller partnerships or as a reseller are for example:

  • RF installation components, accessories, and test equipment – cables, jumpers, connectors, adapters, grounding kits, power meters, cable testers, spectrum analyzer, …
  • Survey equipment – compass, gps, binoculars, …
  • CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) detection/protection/decontamination systems

Please see more information in our products catalog.